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Eleanor “C-PASS” Jones is a Los Angeles singer/songwriter who has always loved to sing and write. She is multi-talented in the physical and performing arts. Jones added Author to her talents and has just released a two-volume book series, “LIV” with a third volume in the works.


Book- Liv Vol 1 by Eleanor JOnesYou may laugh, cry, become enraged, smile, wonder, be amused, rejoice, ponder Divine Intervention, long for justice, be satisfied, and feel a range of emotions as you vicariously experience the events in the life of Olivia Louise Washington, (aka “Liv”). You may even see applications for possible issues in your own life as you discover how Liv learns to deal with her fears, to trust, to let go of anger, to forgive, to overcome her fear of physical intimacy, and especially how she finds, loses, and renews her faith in God.

Reviews of Volume I (LIV: Once Upon a Time)

“Eleanor is a great writer who has the ability to entertain the reader and keep you wanting more. She is very expressive and visually inspiring. I felt I was taking the journey along with her. I could see the blue sky, the marshmallow shaped clouds, the plush, thick, green grass and the rainbow of fragrant wild flowers. A small child making her way through the brush and into the light. What an exciting read.”

– Linda Coleman-Willis, professional speaker, coach and author of 5 books including the national best seller, Loving Yourself First


“I can’t wait to read volume 2!!!! The 1st had me smiling, crying, and laughing so much! It was beautifully written. It’s definitely one of those books that’s hard to put down, and when it’s over you’re beyond anxious to read more.”
– ShyeEaze, Lyricist, violinist, and hip-hop artist


“C-PASS”: Class, Polish, and Sophisticated Soul

Eleanor Jones“Jones is equally at her best in the singing of spirituals, gospel and jazz, which she sings with great skill and understanding.  She possesses a fine temperate manner on stage, and as her program progressed, it gained in intensity and spirit.  Her audience was enthralled, and they gave her thunderous applause throughout the evening.”
Frank Milton McCoy, Ph.D.
Sentinel Music Critic (Review of her Los Angeles Debut Performance at the Sherman Clay Recital Hall)

Jones is personally and professionally committed to be recognized as a polished, class act.  Both her voice and repertoire demonstrate a level of musical sophistication that embraces the unforgettable acronym she developed, “C-PASS,” the standard for which she strives in her every performance.

Jones was born to sing.  She comes from a large family where singing is a family affair.  In her teens, she and a sister sang with the Bellaires, a local seven-piece band in the San Gabriel Valley area.  As an adult, she continued her love affair with music, performing with “SING,” an ensemble that specialized in eight-part a cappella harmony and included anthems, spirituals, Gospels, show tunes, easy-listening, jazz and pop in its repertoire.

Jones was not content with just singing. She returned to songwriting, crafting many songs, including“Rock-a-by Lullaby,” “Forever Love,” “The Silence Is Too Loud,” “Let the Music Flow,” “When I Can Trust My Heart to You,” “Eleanor’s Song,” “This is Love!” and “A Day at the Fair.” The more than two dozen other songs she has composed include spirituals, Gospels, contemporary, and children’s tunes.  Her mother was the inspiration behind the song, “That’s a Mother’s Love.”

One true thing about Jones is that her soulful voice makes people stop what they’re doing and listen to her sounds of music.  And they only have to hear her once to jump on her bandwagon.


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