Eleanor JonesWhenever she sings, Eleanor “C-PASS” Jones makes a big splash.  “Effervescent” and “multi-talented” are just two of the adjectives used to describe this popular jazz and spiritual song stylist who sings from her heart and soul.

Vocalist, Song-Stylist & Entertainer

Singing is both my love and my life.  Not surprisingly, the first question I’m usually asked is, “What does ‘C-PASS’ mean?”  C-PASS is an acronym I developed to always remind me of the standards I have set for myself and that I strive to achieve in every performance.  I endeavor to deliver a class act that is polished, reflecting sophistication in both the complexity and technicality of my selections, and to deliver them with passion emanating from the depths of my soul.  Thus: Class, Polish, And Sophisticated Soul.

I love singing!  Singing is the way I communicate best.  It is an outward expression of much of my emotion, inner thought, and feeling.  I allow myself to become vulnerable to my audience through singing.  This, to me, is true giving to others.  Because I sing from my heart, I show my audience my true self.  What you see and hear is me.  I not only entertain; I give my listeners access to my soul.  I use my voice to touch people personally and emotionally.

I’m a performer without attitude.  Not glitzy, theatrical or motivated to achieve super stardom.  I don’t use gimmicky, try to copy or imitate anyone else, or pretend to be someone I am not. I am genuine and sing for the purpose of enhancing other people’s lives. Thus, my own life is enhanced as well.

I feel privileged to have been blessed with the gift of music.  I credit God with giving me a voice that can evoke a range of emotions and a sensitivity to write songs that touch people’s hearts.  To see evidence of successful communication on the faces in my audience is my pure joy.

Published Author

I have always loved to write and have been blessed with many talents. I read prolifically as a child and was fascinated with fairy tales. I wrote my first song, “Rain,” when in elementary school. I wrote, produced, directed, and acted in my first skit in high school.

My experience includes work as a Sunday school, middle school, and adult school teacher, secretary, senior financial manager, claims supervisor, free-lance calligrapher, independent hearing representative, administrative assistant, trust accountant, and a term as board member of a charter school.

I achieved the level of Competent Toastmaster in Toastmasters International and won many awards in several humorous speech competitions. I also trained and served as a judge in official Toastmasters International competitions.

My writing history include short stories and essays; poetry; handbooks, training and instruction manuals; skits and one-act plays; newsletters and articles; bio sketches; member profiles; and legal writings including by-laws, grant proposals, briefs, drafts of proposed legislation, appeals, and written arguments.

I prefer to write fiction because I am not fond of doing research!


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