“When creativity and compassion meet, wonderful things can happen.  And Eleanor Jones, a singer and CEO of C-Pass Entertainment {Enterprises}, Inc., is one class act.”
Veronica Mackey, Inglewood Today and Crenshaw Today Magazines

“Please accept my deep appreciation for your beautiful performance . . . .  the event was successful in many ways and you were a part of that.”
Sister Rochelle, Holy Spirit Retreat Center

“Your selections were both fitting and moving—as evidenced by the “Amen’s.”
Audrey Dennis

“Thank you so much for making February 7 a perfect day.   I truly appreciated your gift of song. . . .”
Florence Smith

“The compliments continue to be received in the medical staff office.  Other comments included a sincere appreciation for the strength and clarity of your voice, and finally, for the privilege of watching such a classy act.”
[Re performance at the St. Vincent Medical Center Physicians Annual Staff Dinner and Awards Ceremony held at the Wilshire Country Club]
Wanda Ivy, Division Director, Quality Management

“To listen to Eleanor is like listening to an angel. Every time I am privileged to hear her, I am transformed. Please, do yourself the favor and get in front of her.”
Rosemarie Essl, Rosemarie International

“I have had the privilege of hearing Eleanor Jones perform on several occasions. In each case, the poise and feeling she injects into her performance combined with her soothing voice have made her a joy to hear and see every time.”
David Workman

Eleanor’s voice always brings tears of joy!
Hope Pliskow

“Eleanor’s singing is of a quality and sort we seldom hear anymore in today’s rushed and mass-produced times. Her songs are an authentic and soulful blend of jazz, gospel, and R&B. Her singing comes directly from her heart to you. I strongly recommend Eleanor for any event where elegance and grace are your aim.”
Foster Ryan

“I really loved the concert, and the songs you sang just hit all the right notes and nerves…bless you!”
Pat Morrison

“Your voice is like velvet. It’s so unique and beautiful. If there were any justice, you’d be at the top of the charts! Every person … went on and on about what an incredible voice you have and what an amazing performer you are … everyone was touched by you. You touched us all ‘where we live.’ ”
Kendra Davis

“Eleanor’s voice is like that of a canary, very pleasant and sweet, gentle and compassionate. I always receive wonderful comments about her and her singing. She is loved by so many.”
Eva Overturf

Your professionalism is top notch consistently. Each time that I have heard your singing, I have come away with a spirit of enthusiasm and optimism. It is no wonder that your audience members consistently rave about your performances.
Stuart Garrison


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